Smareco DIARY App. is a pocket diary-connected application by which you can easily digitize hand written schedules and memos.
Memo pages are linked to the calendar, and can be sent by e-mail and uploaded to Evernote.
Shoot the left page first, then the right page next. They are automatically trimmed, reshaped and combined together as a single calendar page. Year and Month are recognized by OCR, and it is positioned in proper chronological order.
1 Press bound part firmly to open the notebook flat.
2 Start the application, and tap camera button
on the calendar screen.
3 Select the size of notebook you are about to shoot.
(Once you choose, the setting is saved)
4 Face your camera straight to the page,
and shoot under sufficient brightness.
5 Shoot the LEFT pPosition your phone as the corner marks are placed inside of the guideline.age first. Position your phone as the corner marks are placed inside of the guideline.
6 Shoot the Right page next.
7 After shooting the rihgt page, two images are automatically combined as a single monthly calendar.
8 Calendar image can be zoomed in/out.

9 You can change Year or Month by sliding <year> or <month>
1 Tap a date you want to add a memo.
2 Moves to memo list screen.
3 Tap the text box to activate keyboard. You can type your memo.
4 After Saving your memo, you can find a “RED” point on the date you tapped.
Shoot a memo page, and the image is trimmed and reshaped. It can be linked to a date you want on the calendar. The images can be sent by e-mail, or uploaded to Evernote.
2 Move to memo list page.
3 Tap camera button to activate the camera.
1 Position your phone as the corner marks are placed inside of the guideline, and shoot.
1 After shooting, the image is automatically trimmed and saved. The date information will be set as a date you drew.
1 You can see a point put on the date you drew.
1 Tap a date you want to make a link.
1 Moves to memo list page of that day.
1 Shoot a memo page as instructed above.
OCR grid have to be blank.
1 After shooting, the date you took a picture will be shown as default date. You can change it as you like with the drum.
1 Mark the “dividing mark” with black ballpoint pen.
2 Shoot a memo page. Afterward, choose the part you want to save.
3 The part you chose is automatically trimmed and saved. If you chose both, they can be saved as individual date.
Keep other things out of the screen when you shoot pages.
Don’t write or draw anything on or around the corner marks.
Corner marks cannot be dirty, stained nor blurred. It can be cause of incorrect operation.
Use black ballpoint pen to draw numbers on OCR grid, and to mark the dividing mark.
You can draw free hand lines. You can change color, thickness and transparency.
You can adjust the contrast.
You can draw circles or rectangles. You can change color, thickness and transparency.
You can erase free hand drawings.
You can slide screen.