Smareco NOTE App. is a notebook-connected application. It automatically trims and reshapes a shot image, and divides the image by marks you marked on the page.The divided areas can be hidden/shown by tapping so that you can use it for memory work. The shot image can be sent by e-mail and uploaded to Evernote.
1 Every page has “dividing marks” printed on top and right side. Mark where you want to divide with black ballpoint pen.
2 Use black ballpoint pen to mark dividing marks.
  Using other color, pencil, mechanical pencil, or erasable ballpoint pen is NOT recommended.
3 Start the application, touch camera button to start the camera.
4 Select the size of your notebook you are about to shoot.(Once you choose, the setting is saved)
5 Turn another page back.Release a page from the binder if you use Loose leaf.
6 Position your phone as the corner marks are placed inside of the guideline.
7 Face your camera straight to the page, and shoot under sufficient brightness.
Keep other things out of the screen when you shoot pages.
Don’t write or draw anything on or around the corner marks.
Corner marks cannot be dirty, stained nor blurred. It can be
cause of incorrect operation.
Use black ballpoint pen to mark dividing marks.

After shooting, the image is divided by marked line. The divided area is hidden and shown by touch.

Shot images can be uploaded to Evernote

*EvernoteR is registered trademark of Evernote corporation.
Images can be organized by tagged.
You can check a copyright information.
Images can be sorted by Date or Title.
Title and comment can be a keyword for searching.
You can check the information and manual of this application.
You can draw free hand lines on masking (gray) area. You can change color, thickness and transparency.
You can adjust the contrast.
You can draw circles or rectangles on masking (gray) area. You can change color, thickness and transparency.
You can erase free hand drawings.
You can slide screen.
You can see dividing lines.
You can check the masked area.